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Be Cloud-ready - with all the functionality you need to keep your business running effectively, but none of the infrastructure and IT concerns. With PowerFLEX Infor is committed to bringing you IBM's Power® Systems platform as the best possible support for our existing and new business applications that are Power- enabled and cloud-ready.

Infor System i Business Cloud, our cloud computing platform is robust enough to ensure that those applications will keep running efficiently and effectively, enabling you to maintain 'business as usual' for both users and customers.

You'll have the power to:

  • Choose the deployment option that works best for you.
  • Get up and running quickly - more quickly than you think.
  • Give users a seamless application experience, no matter where your applications are running.
  • Lower your capital budget requirements.
  • Better predict your IT costs.
  • Reduce the burden on your IT staff.

Ultimately, Infor System i Business Cloud helps organizations improve their bottom line by deploying first-class, integrated enterprise application functionality quickly, flexibly, and reliably. We deliver the functionality that you need without the burden normally required to make it available.

The Infor System i Business Cloud difference
Entrust your cloud service to Infor and you stand to benefit from the continuing support of an IT partner who both understands your business and has unparalleled knowledge of your ERP applications. We can also help you avoid the disruption and hidden costs of unplanned downtime with an Application Management Service that places world class technical skills at your disposal, prevents systems-related issues before they occur, and skillfully diagnoses and resolves any problem before it becomes a crisis.

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