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Read how Appalachian Regional Healthcare System is improving billing accuracy and capturing lost revenue

As clinical staff at Appalachian worked to deliver the best patient care, they would often bypass the clunky systems designed to capture patient supply charges. Because the data was not captured at the point of care, supply charges would be billed incorrectly – or, in some cases, not billed at all. When these lost revenue opportunities were totaled, Appalachian Regional Healthcare System was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in unbilled patient supply charges annually.

With the addition of Infor Lawson Point of Use, an easy-to-use patient supply charge-capture system, Appalachian was able to boost productivity and revenue, automate replenishment requests, and reduce the number of hours spent keying in patient supply charges. Now, the clinical staff is helping the organization capture more revenue without feeling like they’re sacrificing patient care.

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