Infor Optiva PLM Educational Webinar Series

Getting new products to market is a race that continues to grow more complex and obstacle packed. Rising raw material and energy costs, retail consolidation, increasing regulatory requirements, empowered consumers, and complex supply chains make it difficult to produce quality products quickly.

To beat the competition, you must be more agile, responsive, and more focused on the needs of the customers. You need systems that use a single product record for unifying all data and processes across your organization, no matter how dispersed and complex. Infor Optiva, an integrated PLM solution with process industry-specific functionality built in makes this possible.

View this series of recorded webcasts to learn how Infor Optiva can:

  • Win Race to market.
  • Create better products 50% faster.
  • Power-up product development.
  • Simulate and model formulations across all product lines.
  • Collaborate for better performance…across company and across ERP platforms
  • Automate and organize development processes.
  • Trim assimilation time and save money.

You’ll be able to streamline even your most complicated processes for developing, launching, and managing products on an ongoing basis. The result? You reduce risks, remove supply chain bottlenecks, and ultimately take innovative products to market faster than your competition.

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