Transforming the equipment industry with telematics and other disruptive technologies

Each organization along the equipment industry’s supply chain—from equipment manufacturers, to dealers, distributors, and aftermarket service contractors—stands to gain financially by being part of the burgeoning technology evolution.

With the growing buzz and optimism surrounding topics like equipment telematics and always connected devices (the “Internet of Things”), it would be easy to assume these new technologies will instantly solve all operational issues and miraculously increase profit margins. This can indeed be true, but only if the technology is applied prudently and in appropriate business areas.

This paper examines how equipment companies can transform their businesses and stand out from the competition by wisely adopting telematics and other disruptive technologies. By using technology in the right areas and applying it to core business operations, equipment companies can:

• Improve equipment uptime.
• Improve safety.
• Better understand actual costs and customer needs.
• Prevent theft.

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