Overcoming Volatility

How to Make Technology a Catalyst for High Performance Finance

Today’s CFO has a much bigger role to play and their responsibilities have evolved. Providing the rear-view mirror perspective is no longer enough. CFOs must now be able to act as strategic advisors, navigating their businesses through perilous waters and playing a fundamental role in shaping company direction.

Yesterday’s rigid, one-size-fits-all information systems lack the flexibility that is needed to do the job effectively. A modern financial management solutions is needed to manage a highly complex and volatile modern-day environment.

Infor’s Office of the CFO solutions, empowers to be able to respond quickly to changing requirements, easily support new business strategies, and leverage the latest technological innovations to transform finance department into a strategic business asset.

In this white paper, we’ll examine the forces that are converging to change the role of the finance, explore how technology is providing new ways to solve old problems in critical (and historically painful) areas, and look at how forward-thinking CFOs are using innovation to build high-performing finance departments and change the way they work—forever.

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