The ERP that lets you drive your business.

Not vice versa.


Learn how to drive a faster business and use speed as your differentiator.

Best-in-class companies that fully capitalize on their ERP systems have accelerated their business processes and can use these improvements to their competitive advantage. Particularly noteable is a reported 170% improvement¹ in time to decision: they are making decisions faster, responding more quickly to demand and customer requests - driving up customer satisfaction as they drive down costs.

This new executive paper “Confronting the immediacy of now”, introduces the reality that the basis for competition, for modern and global manufacturing, is now about speed and not just scale.

Companies that are speeding up their rate of business have done so by leveraging new technology to confront today’s increasingly demanding and fast paced marketplace.

So what is it about “conventional” ERP systems that is slowing the pace of business down - or at least holding companies ( perhaps like you) back from operating at peak efficiency, having the ability to see inside their business, react faster and make better quality decisions? And what is it that next generation ERP is offering that is changing how work is being done? How is “new” ERP driving businesses to meet the need for speed?

This new executive paper will answer those questions by focusing on the three key areas that are enabling next generation ERP to support high speed manufacturing operations.

Get ahead.

Download this complimentary executive paper to learn what you need from an ERP system, to accelerate your processes and drive a faster business.

¹Source: Aberdeen Group, ERP in Manufacturing 2011: Defining the strategy