Infor Micro-vertical Product Program – access to new revenue streams

Infor’s Micro-vertical Product Program is designed to give partners access to new revenue streams and expanded business opportunities by enabling the fast, consistent development of applications that support Infor’s existing customers. This guide outlines the structure of the program and how you can become a member of the Infor product development family.

Infor’s Micro-vertical Product Program was created with a simple objective—give partners the ability to create applications for sale and distribution to Infor® customers, with an emphasis on micro-vertical industries...

The program is based on the use of Infor technologies to create applications that are consistent across all of the product domains that Infor serves. In later sections of this guide, we will discuss and illustrate examples of the technology tools upon which the program will be based.

Through the Micro-vertical Product Program, you’ll have access to all the tools you need to develop highly marketable products, plus support from Infor experts who can help you along the way.

Click on the links in this site to get an overview of the program from Infor CEO Charles Phillips, find details on the program and how to sign up, and watch demos of the technology you'll have an opportunity to use.

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Program Guide


Micro-vertical Product Program Understanding the Micro-vertical product program and a guide to becoming a partner.

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Charles Philips announces MVPP Watch Charles Philips announce MVPP at the Infor Partner Summit 2013.

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