Public Libraries

In public libraries, the variety of the collections typically reflects the diversity of the library's constituents and their interests. The library must accommodate newspaper collections, print materials, subscription databases, journals and books in multiple languages and formats. For the library user, customization, user participation and remote services are part-and-parcel of the online experience. With Infor's library and information management applications, users enjoy immediate access to the library's online catalog, manage their own accounts and find information in multiple resources.

Thousands of public library users across the globe benefit from Infor's library and information management applications each day. Our customers include prestigious public libraries such as the Amsterdam Public Library in the Netherlands, the City of Strasbourg Public Library Network in France, Essex County in the United Kingdom, the City of Brussels Public Library Network in Belgium, the City of SWAN Libraries in Australia, and Niagara Falls Public Library in Canada.

Solution Highlights for Public Libraries: