Infor V-link

OpenURL Resolver

With V-link, libraries offer their users a structured interface to search and access a variety of information resources and retrieve truly relevant search results. Users enjoy seamless access to a range of information resources such as journals, movies, books, audio etc. The library can define precisely which resources are available and set up parameters such as profiles, resources, syntaxes, genres, rules and more.

The library can implement V-link in two ways: integrated in the Iguana or OPAC search results or as a 'self-service' look-up tool. In the first scenario, users select a search result and then click on the V-link icon. A separate interface opens, enabling users to continue their search in library-defined resources. These resources may include subscription databases, search engines, e-commerce sites, etc. As a self-service tool, users can activate V-link directly to find context-sensitive links for any given material type. Users may, for example, select "Book" and enter specific details, such as title, author name, year of publication and ISBN. V-link will then open a separate window with links to the library-defined information resources.

V-link at a Glance: