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"Lean initiatives lead to significant improvements in cycle times, customer service, throughput, inventory reduction, higher quality and decreased costs."

Over the past decade, the concept of lean manufacturing production has gone through a dramatic evolution from an obscure and isolated practice to a mainstream, extensively publicized methodology that is well known throughout the manufacturing and supply chain industry.

It is the use and adoption of lean beyond one department such as manufacturing production control that make a lean initiative most effective.

Download these 3 Lean Manufacturing guides:

  • Guide 1: Bridging the Lean Manufacturing gap: Most executives realize that business will never again be business-as-usual. Manufacturers, in particular, must focus more than ever on satisfying customers while removing waste and unnecessary costs from their organizations. And they need to do so faster and better than their competitors. This guide highlights how some companies are doing that by relying on strategic Lean concepts to improve productivity, profitability and market advantage.
  • Guide 2: Begin at the end: There are various Lean manufacturing tools businesses can employ such as; 5S, Kanbans and Kaizens. These Lean tools help to streamline the business and develop a Lean culture within the organization. Each company's approach to Lean should be uniquely designed to meet their needs and incorporate their philosophies.
  • Guide 3: Lean for specific manufacturing practices: The efficiencies and benefits of Lean manufacturing principles have been proven many times over. Companies see the rewards of implementing Lean techniques in cycle times, customer service, throughput, inventory reduction, higher quality and reduced costs. Read this guide to discover what Lean resources and practices you can use to implement Lean thinking.

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