Learning, Help and Getting Started Tools

Every package of Infor ERP VISUAL Jobshop includes an interactive getting started wizard, screen cam demonstrations, and a Getting Started guide. Jobshop also has a complete on-line guide and extensive context sensitive help. For new customers in the United States and Canada, you may take advantage of free call-in, fax, and e-mail support for the first 60 days after purchase for the Premier Edition (30 days for LT Edition). For more hands-on training, Infor also offers ongoing Getting Started courses at its Hampton, New Hampshire offices. You can receive discounts on courses if your company enrolls in software maintenance. Learn more about training here.

Knowledge Base

This public web area is a live and continuously evolving extension of the VISUAL Jobshop Help System. It is open to all users, prospective users, independent consultants, and resellers of VISUAL Jobshop. Enter the Knowledge Base here.

Discussion Forum

This forum is for VISUAL Jobshop customers to post and respond to questions from other users and authorized resellers. You are encouraged to seek, offer and share "tips, tricks and hints" you discover or would like to know while using VISUAL Jobshop. Enter the Discussion Forum here. (Registered Customers and Authorized Resellers Only)

Product Updates

The Jobshop team at Infor constantly refines the product as it makes sense for the smallest manufacturers. These improvements facilitate ease of use and include functional enhancements as they apply to the needs of Jobshop's customer base but fall short of those functions typically demanded by only larger firms. These more sophisticated "larger firm" functions are likely part of the Infor ERP (VISUAL) suite of Infor product offerings. Find the latest VISUAL Jobshop Product Updates here. (Authenticated site for registered customers and authorized resellers. Enhancement Upgrades require an Installation Key that is available to those Jobshop customers who have purchased the Premier Edition in the prior 60 days or are actively enrolled in Software Maintenance.)

You can extend this support with additional packages, including:

Premium Support Package (Premier Edition only)
The Premium Support package includes Software Maintenance and unlimited calls, faxes, and e-mail. The cost of premium support varies based on the number of concurrent users and options licensed. Contact your local reseller or Infor for pricing.

NOTE: Infor does not offer annual support-only contracts without maintenance. You can sign up for Premium Support at any time. However, to receive upgrades, you must pay for continuous maintenance enrollment starting from 60 days after your Jobshop Premier Edition purchase.

Software Maintenance (Premier Edition only)
You may choose to purchase software maintenance-only that includes future version upgrades during your period of enrollment.

You can sign up for software maintenance at any time. However, you must pay for continuous enrollment starting from 60 days after your Jobshop purchase.

Pay-As-You-Go Support
This package is for customers who require easy access to expert telephone support. We offer call-in support starting at $75 USD per incident.

To learn more about support for your VISUAL Jobshop needs, you can contact your local reseller or Infor directly.

Support Telephone: (877) 772-4111
Support eFax: (678) 393-5357



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