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Innovation in Fashion Report 2014

Retailers and brand owners can’t afford to sit still

It’s an exciting time to be a retailer, but with shoppers now having more options than ever before – whether in terms of the channel they are shopping on or the constant need for fresh product – it is also a challenging time.

It’s with this in mind that we bring you Draper’s annual Innovation in Fashion Report, which is sponsored by Infor.

This report has been created to look at how businesses across the fashion industry are coming up with new ideas at every stage of the supply chain to add value in terms of efficiency and product.

Content includes:

  • One step beyond -The future is here when it comes to textile developments
  • Every link in the chain - Retailers are streamlining their supply chains
  • All for one and one for all - Why product lifecycle management could be the answer for time-pressed retailers
  • Dedicated leaders of fashion - Looking at six fashion companies that are doing business differently, whether it’s democratizing design or renting dresses
  • Keeping up with the IT crowd - With omnichannel retail putting systems under strain, innovation is essential for survival

Give everyone the tools for innovation
We believe keeping designers, manufacturers, distribution, and retail operating together requires a holistic view of the value chain. Fashion companies can improve the ways they handle merchandising, design, sourcing, compliance issues, design updates, and operations across the entire value chain and we have the fashion specific tools to help.

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