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Conquer your business biggest challenges

Infor realizes that companies like yours are competing in an extremely volatile market. The unique and ever changing challenges inherent to your industry such as consumers’ tastes, ingredient costs and quality and regulations require a constant flow of new and revised products.

With industry-specific capabilities built right into the solution, Infor Food & Beverage gives you the tools to conquer your business’s biggest challenges.

At Infor, we understand that the food and beverage industry isn’t like any other industry. So we’ve created software that’s tailored to the specific needs of this industry.

About Infor Food & Beverage
Infor Food & Beverage is the industry’s only complete suite of applications built specifically for process manufacturers and is engineered for speed. This unique combination gives companies greater ability to rapidly meet customer demands, quickly trace raw material supplies, swiftly track finished goods shipments and drive out costs from their existing product portfolio…ultimately allowing them to bring new products to market faster and more efficiently.

This forward-looking approach to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and best in class applications allows companies to render a level of innovation and operational excellence that sets them apart from their competitors.

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