IDC Info-Brief

Business Decision-Making in the Factory of the Future


Why cloud deployment and “virtual centers of excellence” make sense

This Info-Brief provides an insightful analysis of the current disruptive trends impacting manufacturers, including big data, social solutions and IoT technologies. The report also discusses:

  • How the mashup between emerging 3rd platform architectures and supporting game-changing technologies work to support manufacturing operations.
  • How manufacturers will be able to benefit from “autonomic process improvement” and “self-healing diagnostics.”
  • Why 80% of companies say the main benefit from IoT technologies is the augmented visibility over operations and the resulting business speed, agility and cost reductions.
  • Four steps to getting started in the digital transformation.
  • The “who goes first conundrum” as manufacturers want the advantages of early adoption but want someone else to assume the risks.
  • How manufacturers will fully exploit the full power of data in the near future and ”90% of companies will have big data analytics capabilities. Indeed, data is the new oil in the manufacturing sector.”

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