The Future Starts Now

IDC provides roadmap for
high-tech and electronics manufacturers


The most comprehensive whitepaper on the issues driving growth in high-tech manufacturing

You've seen analysts and bloggers expound on the new technologies that are reinvigorating the outlook for growth in high-tech and electronics manufacturing. But have you heard any of those experts offer reliable advice on what to do about the increasing rate of change and new market demands? Unlikely.

The future of high-tech and electronics manufacturing is still largely speculation. It’s hard to find a predictive roadmap. Where do you start? How do you make sure your organization is well prepared and taking steps now to manage tighter turnarounds, innovative development, shorter product lifecycles and other increasing pressures?

Download "The Future of Manufacturing" from IDC Manufacturing, leaders in providing insights for high-tech, electronics and other manufacturing industries. This is the definitive whitepaper on where the manufacturing industries are going and how technology solutions can support your endeavors to adapt and thrive. If you are going to read only one whitepaper this year, this is the one.

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