Gartner Whitepaper:

“2015 Top Action for Healthcare Provider CIOs: Drive Higher Value From Current Applications”

“Too many health systems leave application benefits on the table by failing to tackle new waves of value over time,” says the new Gartner paper 2015 Top Action for Healthcare Provider CIOs: Drive Higher Value From Current Applications.

In order to transform supply chain into a tool for better care by easily connecting supply chain systems with clinical and billing applications, healthcare organizations must not only install current applications, but seek to gain maximum benefit from them over time.

This paper from Gartner helps to define the issues and provides actionable advice.

Among the issues:

“With new applications, substantial attention is paid to specifying value and getting that first impact at go-live. But then executive attention drifts, the IT department shifts to application management and support, and the project management office (PMO) moves on,” states the paper.

Actions required:

"Complete a self-assessment of value contribution," Gartner authors state, along with "Create a regular review process with your key vendors to evaluate new value added of solutions in place."

Download the full paper to read more about what you can do to gain maximum value from your IT applications. As the Gartner paper states:

CIOs have to be obsessed with the value they deliver. Specifying, communicating and harvesting high business/mission value from IT investments is a key measure of IT governance effectiveness, too.”

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