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Put your patient at the center of your supply chain

For years now, providers have employed a range of strategies to harness their supply chain’s power and make it a catalyst for efficiency and cost savings. While these efforts have generated results, a major limitation of current supply chains is that they are not tied to outcomes.

This perspective piece introduces you to the patient-centered supply chain, a model that draws from such masters of supply chain innovation as Dell® and Amazon® to streamline supply chain processes and drive high-value healthcare. Learn how your supply chain can be transformed into a tool for better care by easily connecting supply chain systems with clinical and billing applications, all with a goal of putting the patient first and working toward better patient outcomes.

This industry perspective piece takes a deeper dive into the patient-centered supply chain to help your organization in a number of ways:

  • Free caregivers to focus on the patient
  • Reduce supply waste
  • Integrate clinical and non-clinical best practices
  • Use clinical orders to drive supply requirements
  • Facilitate continuous improvement with continuous data collection
  • Provide real-time tracking to route people with supplies.

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