Infor PRM: Enhancing physician loyalty while increasing referral volumes


Infor Physician Relationship Management (PRM) allows your organization to better keep track of physician engagement in order to improve continuity of care and increase revenue growth. The solution gives you the tools to build a successful physician engagement strategy with access to real-time clinical data, improve physician loyalty and grow your referrals. Highlights of Infor PRM include:

  • View physician and practice information, including calls, meetings, tasks, emails, notes, personal data, service volume, and issue/complaint resolution.
  • Track referral dates, service line information, category, patient type, number of surgeries, procedures, and admissions at the physician level.
  • Gain instant access to current data that previously took days to compile.
  • Use powerful and flexible query criteria to search the physician database.

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Leveraging data to increase physician engagement

  • Infor’s industry experts explain that data can be used to improve physician engagement. Claims data is the foundation of physician engagement analytics. Once the data has been analyzed, hospitals can use this knowledge to inform conversations with physicians. The insight gained from claims data can be used to develop meaningful relationships with physicians.

Beyond Good Vibrations: Leveraging PRM systems to get real results from physician relationship management programs

  • Building strong physician engagement is critical for health organizations to achieve the triple aim: quality, cost, and population health initiatives. In order to build this engagement, organizations need to create a strategic physician relationship management plan using PRM. With the right PRM system in place, healthcare organizations can analyze and manage physician interactions, using data to improve relationships and drive growth.

See how Infor PRM can help your organization increase physician-patient engagement.