Is your current IT system ready for the GST change?

Getting your IT systems ready will be a crucial component in ensuring your organization becomes ‘GST Ready’ on time. It means your IT system becomes GST Compliant, is able to support GST tax invoicing, CN & DN with GST returns, and supports GST reporting & filing.

When is the latest you should have the system GST enabled?
Malaysian Government recommends that the system should be GST ready by 31st December 2014.

What is the support is needed from your management team for GST Implementation?
You need to assign a project manager, to be the single point of contact for GST implementation, to plan for internal resources as per requirements, etc.

What if your current system is already customized?
The existing customizations must be retrofitted to make it work based on GST requirements. This will be handled as part of the consulting services offering.