Future-Proofing your business

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Introducing our new white paper
“Future-Proofing the Fashion Value Chain”

The next decade will call for significant materials and process innovations at both the micro (product) and the macro (enterprise, supply chain, and industry) level. If only shorter, more frequent product introduction cycles were the only challenge… but they’re not. At strategic planning levels, the industry has to figure out how to convert to more sustainable ways of doing business, starting with raw materials, research & development, and expanding product lifecycle management practices to include recycling. To compete at the operational level, rethink the way you work internally and collaborate with supply chain partners to eliminate waste throughout the value chain.

Are you ready to compete?
More than half the respondents in the 2013 Gartner survey sponsored by Apparel magazine answered in the negative. Summarizing its findings, Gartner states, "Supply chain planning emerged as the application area that the industry is most concerned about…. 54% of industry respondents stated that, on one level or another, their applications portfolios are not robust enough to:

  • Take them to the next level of enterprise maturity
  • Overcome the challenge of layering in capabilities to synchronize internal teams
  • Collaborate effectively with external trading partners
  • Achieve further lead-time reduction
  • Improve success in new product launches
  • Effectively segment supply chains"

These are critical shortcomings because respondents also reported moving away from relying on unit cost reductions as a way to maintain margins.

At another level "Sustainability" is no longer just a buzzword. It’s a mandate. The industry as a whole is trying to come to terms with issues of environmental sustainability (depletion of resources, air and water pollution). Meanwhile its members all wrestle individually with the difficulties of finding a sustainable business advantage amidst rising input costs and downward pressures on pricing, labor issues, complex regulatory requirements, increasing competition and increasingly rapid rates of change. How can you position your business to minimize the risks and seize the opportunities that will arise from the interaction of all these factors?

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