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Introducing the Fashionomics white paper series

The Fashion Industry is going through some difficult times – and – focusing on what impacts the business of Fashion has never been more critical to success. As much as we all love the glamorous side of Fashion – when all the glamour is stripped away – you still have a business to run – and business has to run profitably.

This series of Fashion White Papers is not about promoting Infor products – but more to demonstrate how Infor understands the business you run.

To date there are 4 White Papers in the series.

The first in the series was:
Freak’n Fashionomics – The New Economics of Fashion.
The world keeps changing, the economy keeps changing, and business models keep evolving - what's your next move? China isn't the low-cost fashion supplier it once was. This means new challenges, new opportunities and plenty of tough decisions to be made. Read this first in a series of White Papers – authored by Bob McKee, Infor Industry Strategy Director and find out if it's time to build a better sourcing strategy for the future.

The second in the series was:
Evolving Sources, Emerging Markets China & India
The continuing stagnation of US and European import markets has posed many challenges for fashion industry executives. Western supply chain executives who have sourced from South China for their whole careers are trying out new low-cost destinations—and so are China and India. Many Western apparel brand owners and retailers plan to expand internationally, especially into the two largest consumer markets in Asia—China and India. You know what motivates you, but do you know what motivates them? Read this second in a series of White Papers – authored by Bob McKee, Infor Industry Strategy Director to evaluate if you will be competing with these Asian giants or will you participate in their rising fortunes?

The third in the series was:
A Lean Supply Chain is Key to Fashion Business Success
Fashion is a bellwether of change. In keeping with its reputation for the highest level of customer responsiveness, the fashion industry is poised to respond strategically to major changes occurring in today’s global supply chains. A lean supply chain management strategy can address the necessary elements of change that will ultimately enable a simpler, more efficient and responsive operations model. Read this fourth in a series of White Papers – authored by Bob McKee, Infor Industry Strategy Director to learn the answer to the question of our time – how will changes in China’s economy affect future sourcing decisions?

The fourth and final white paper in the series is:
The Right Places to Look for Cost Reductions
Where is the opportunity to reduce costs in the supply chain? The fashion industry has driven as much cost out of the product itself as we are going to. We keep looking for more ways to reduce material and labor costs, but these are not the right cost components. The room for further improvement in these categories is marginal at best and volatile at worst. The right places to look depend in part on where you do business. The luxury market has different rules from the specialty and commodity markets. Across the spectrum, however, business process improvements, sustainability initiatives and clear data visibility offer the most attainable and maintainable cost reductions. Read this fourth and final in a series of White Papers – authored by Bob McKee, Infor, Industry Strategy Director where he will share insights modelled on specific cases and customer best practices.

About Infor Fashion
Infor has been a major force in the Fashion industry for decades – and many of you may not even realize that Infor powers such Fashion systems as Infor M3 ERP Fashion (formerly Lawson), System 21 Style ERP system, Infor PLM Fashion (formerly Lawson), Infor PLM Runtime, Epiphany & others. The greatest systems for the Fashion Industry now reside in the same house - under the same roof – brought to you by the same organization.  If you need to know more just tick the Infor Fashion box on the registration form.

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