Fashionomics White Paper Series

Embracing the business of fashion for: Design, Source, Distribution & Private Brand Retail

The second white paper in an ongoing series

The Fashion Industry is going through some difficult times – and – focusing on what impacts the business of Fashion has never been more critical to success. As much as we all love the glamorous side of Fashion – when all the glamour is stripped away – you still have a business to run – and business has to run profitably.

This series of Fashion White Papers is not about promoting Infor products – but more to demonstrate how Infor understands the business you run.

To date there are 4 White Papers in the series. Today you’ll have the opportunity to obtain:

  • Evolving Sources, Emerging Markets China & India

Others to come soon in this series will include:

  • The Right Places to Look for Cost Reductions
  • A Lean Supply Chain is Key to Fashion Business Success

About Infor Fashion
Infor has been a major force in the Fashion industry for decades – and many of you may not even realize that Infor powers such Fashion systems as Lawson M3 for Fashion ERP, the System 21 Style ERP system, Lawson Fashion PLM, Runtime PLM, Epiphany, WorkBrain, plus others. The greatest systems for the Fashion Industry now reside in the same house - under the same roof – brought to you by the same organization.

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