Drive collaboration and innovation

Through a social enterprise


Fashioning success through social

The fashion retail market is healthy and is expected to reach $3.7 trillion by 2016. And based on historical growth patterns, the total value-chain turnover could be estimated at three times the projected retail value.

You have to be prepared to capture as much of that business as possible. Organizations that operate as social enterprises are poised to innovate rapidly and respond more quickly to constantly changing business demands—in short, to be industry leaders.

So what exactly is a social enterprise?
It’s one that injects many of the concepts of social media into a business environment to give employees, suppliers, and partners’ new ways of communicating and collaborating. While social media applications are primarily focused on personal interactions and experiences, social business tools are designed to facilitate collaboration among internal and external stakeholders, automate information delivery, and streamline processes.

Importantly, these tools are embedded within core organizational systems – like ERP or supply chain execution – and employees throughout the organization have access.

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