From the top to bottom everything works together

Infor Fashion seamlessly links the various areas of your supply chain and your business – from design, development and sourcing, planning, procurement and production, collaboration, warehousing, inventory management, distribution, customer service and

You want to achieve industry-specific color, weave, size, and part libraries so you can reduce time and costs and improve quality and consistency. You'll bring products to market faster and finish in a few days what would otherwise take weeks or months.

Product Development
Streamline the development of new designs as well as the introduction of new collections. Shorten your time-to-market, improve quality and reduce product development costs.

Planning and Management
Make key decisions with greater clarity - from forward planning of sourcing rules to automated generation of buy plans and production plans, through to detailed production sequencing.

Have the tools to help plan your best supply source, communicate effectively with your suppliers, automate your buy plan and track the progress of your inbound supply. Plan your raw material purchasing by monitoring the availability of critical supplies for production, while tracking the progress of your inbound raw materials.

Few industries experience as much pressure from escalating customer expectations as the embellished apparel business. Innovative new technologies expand your possibilities for profitably selling printed, embroidered, jewelled, or other embellished apparel. On the other hand, those expanding possibilities often inspire customers to generate complex ideas that you'll be expected to fulfil on short notice. Your success depends on managing a complex process efficiently, while making it look simple and with Infor's product configuration management we can help you achieve this.

Fine-tune your production across long and short-term goals and effectively manage your entire operations - right through to the delivery of goods.

Infor Ming.le is a comprehensive platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. Incorporating the most innovative social media concepts into a business environment, Infor Ming.le marries communications and business processes to help you work smarter and faster by collaborating better.

Supply Chain Execution
With comprehensive warehouse management functionality you'll reduce turnaround time and inventory levels, while increasing productivity and customer service levels.

Shipping & Distribution
Companies who need to fine tune the movement of stock from overseas warehouses into global or local warehouses and distribution centres will benefit from our knowledge of the entire supply chain. Transportation management and warehouse management can be combined into a single solution on a single database.

Customer Demand Management
Infor Fashion's advanced mathematical analysis can help improve the accuracy of your demand forecasting, increase customer service levels and reduce costs of wasted inventory.

A single source of information across your entire organization gives every decision maker access the information they need - when they need it throughout the entire cycle.




Give your right-brained creative and left-brained product experts a platform for thinking and acting as one.

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Watch The Infor Fashion – The Tailored Suite demo


This demo shows The Tailored Suite as a comprehensive suite of software products designed specifically for the fashion industry.

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Infor Configuration Exec Brief


This Executive Brief explains how Infor can help you succeed in managing configured product manufacturing and gain a lasting competitive advantage in the fashion industry.

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