How to make your factory as efficient as a mega-factory.

The factory floor conundrum.


Get the industry perspective “Shop floor automation: A necessity for competitive manufacturing”

Have you ever watched one of those television shows on mega factories and thought to yourself, “How can I achieve that level of sophistication and efficiency for my factory floor?” The answer is - it isn’t easy but it isn’t that hard either.

Automating your shop floor is one of those processes that is often overlooked.  The industry often refers to this as the “last mile” or “last metre” in automation. This last mile is often the most under-automated part of the manufacturing process, but it’s one of the most critical aspects of meeting customer expectations for on time delivery, especially for on-spec products.

Shop floor automation has dramatically changed in recent years, especially in light of the increase in M2M technologies, industrial robotics, and the use of machine sensors. Even startup manufacturers, growing family-owned companies, and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), can now afford to add automation capabilities to their production processes.

Manufacturers can choose from a wide range of enterprise solutions that offer everything from the basic ability to track customer orders and jobs in the production queue, to solutions that manage a virtual workforce of robotics.

In this paper we’ll examine:

  • Barriers to adopting automation
  • Three levels of automation available to manufacturers
  • Advice for choosing the type of automation best for your manufacturing operation.

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