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Did you know that your employees may be in direct control of nearly half your corporate spend? It's easy to see how effectively managing employee-initiated spending can deliver dramatic bottom-line results.

An Expense Management Solution enables companies to gain that control. They improve business results in real time by automating and reducing costs of key spend-related business processes, analyzing and benchmarking activities for ongoing insight, and enabling instantaneous updates and enforcement of policies related to employee-initiated spending.

The solution includes:

  • Expense Reports - automate the entire expense reporting process, from report creation to approval and reimbursement. —> policy compliance
  • Travel Plans - pre-trip authorization and travel procurement. —> visibility and control
  • Payment Requests - automate employee-initiated requests for vendor payments. —> accelerated response
  • Timesheets - quick and accurate time capture for exempt and non-exempt employees. —> simplified accountability


  • Enforce travel policy compliance and spending policies
  • Increase savings through effective vendor negotiation and rebate usage
  • Reduce unnecessary and unauthorized purchases
  • Reduce manager time spent on approvals
  • Increase accuracy of time billed to clients and paid time off due employees
  • Reduce expense, travel, procurement, and time capture administrative costs
  • Reduce employee time spent on travel planning, expense reporting, time capture, and purchasing of goods and services
  • Decrease administrative costs
  • Keep employees happy with faster reimbursement cycles

Your kit includes the Infor Expense Management Overview + 3 Case Studies

  • A.T. Kearney
    By automating their T&E, procurement and time capture systems, A.T. Kearney reduced unnecessary purchases by 3%, increased preferred supplier benefits by 2%, and decreased unnecessary travel by 5%, for an overall first-year savings of close to $10 million.
  • Ernst & Young
    Ernst & Young's automation of time capture allowed them to reduce the financial reporting and billing cycles by up to two weeks.
  • Office Depot
    Office Depot now reimburses employee expenses in 48 hours instead of the six weeks it took before automating their T&E systems.

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