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Transform Spend into Savings

Extend your transactional systems with a new process
As organizations look for ways to cut costs and increase profitability, many overlook their largest expenditure - employee spending. Whether planning and booking business travel, submitting expense reports for reimbursement or purchasing an item, your employees can play an active role in significantly controlling costs - and Infor Expense Management makes it easy.

Enrich management's ability to control the largest corporate expenditure
This industry leading Web-based solution contains fully automated and integrated applications that make enterprise-wide information sharing a snap. It includes easy-to-use tools to control, monitor, and communicate employee spend, system administration and display status information.

Evolve from manual systems to automation with a low TCO
We have bundled world-class business intelligence tools to transform expense management data into valuable information for vendor negotiation and proactive business management. The central solution also provides auditing and tracking details essential for compliance with regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

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