Why companies need to make managing risk part of their planning process

Eliminating risk is impossible but managing it does not have to be. It all depends on how well your company accounts for risk. Download the Infor Executive Brief- Risk Management to learn how you can effectively manage and account for risk. By reading this Executive Brief you will learn how to:

  • Identify the real sources of risk
  • Understand certainties and uncertainties
  • Face the impact of operational risks, strategic risks, and their severity
  • Plan for operational bottlenecks caused by natural disasters
  • Consider the financial costs involved in disaster planning
  • Build a chaos-tolerant supply chain
  • Take advantage of risk management strategies and technology
  • Identify and manage risk to future-proof your organization

Download the executive brief and learn how technologies such as Infor Sales & Operations Planning can help you identify, quantify and build scenarios to test alternative action plans, as well as to improve your abilities to detect and respond quickly to events in order to minimize impact.

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