Got Your Head in the Clouds?

If not, why not?

AutoBeat publisher discusses with Infor the benefits of cloud delivery for auto manufacturers

Cost. Innovation. Speed. Data Security.

These four things are critical to your automotive enterprise. They are also four reasons to consider a move to the cloud.

In this 3-minute video, Infor Global Manufacturing Solutions EVP John Flavin walks AutoBeat Publisher Bill Hampton through the four key benefits that cloud-delivered technology brings to automotive suppliers.

  • Cost savings.
    With cloud delivery, you avoid the time and money involved with on-premise setup, maintenance, patches and modifications.
  • Tight data security.
    While manufacturers have some trepidation over allowing their data to be managed outside their four walls, you have to ask yourself “Can I really make it more secure than Amazon, the provider of Infor’s CloudSuite Automotive?”
  • Innovation.
    With constant updates you’re always using the latest technology enhancements and features.
  • Speed.
    Get your system up faster so you can satisfy your customers’ demands faster. With virtually 100% uptime and the ability for employees to access real-time data anytime, you can keep up with the pace of the industry.

Hear the complete interview to understand why now is the perfect time to look into the cloud.

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