Telematics and your business

Your equipment is talking, are you listening?

By Ron Slee, R.J. Slee & Associates

As an equipment dealer, you’ve likely been looking at systems, processes, and technologies for decades to help you reduce the owning and operating costs of the capital equipment that you sell and service. You probably use preventative maintenance programs, inspections, component replacement before failure, life cycle management, oil analysis, and more. All of them are successful to some degree. But now there’s a game changer in place and it’s a disruptive technology: It’s telematics.

Learn how you can benefit from every aspect of the use of telematics—particularly in your parts and services department—by reading this white paper, authored by leading equipment industry expert, Ron Slee. You’ll learn how you can:

  • Monitor equipment to minimize sudden failures.
  • Monitor equipment idle time to help you improve resale value.
  • Plan inventory with greater accuracy.
  • Provide machine-use information.
  • Calculate market share.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Ron’s 35 years of experience with over 700 dealers of a variety of equipment brands around the world.

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