Security and the Cloud

A marriage built at Infor


Ease your worry about the security of cloud with Infor CloudSuite Automotive

When it comes to Cloud deployment, security is top of mind for all concerned. Infor offers some plain talk about Infor CloudSuite Automotive's security protocols and features, so you can make an informed decision about the future of your company's data management.

The Infor CloudSuite team uses best-practice protocols and a thorough, continuous improvement approach that gives you both confidence and peace of mind. The result? You can actually get a higher level of security than most auto companies could afford on their own.

Our latest CloudSuite security paper provides a detailed look at our security approach and discusses how:

  • Data is maintained within regional data centers that are managed by leaders in the field of Big Data management.
  • Infor implements multiple layers of overlapping security that safeguard your data.
  • You benefit from best-practice protocols in application, network, physical, and operations security.
  • Comprehensive monitoring includes dynamic management of passwords, digital certificates, configurations, and more.

Download the report, and explore Infor CloudSuite Automotive today.