The right mix for Process Manufacturers

Meet today’s biggest challenges with Process Manufacturing ERP


Whether you’re in the food & beverage, chemicals, pharma, or life sciences industry, your challenges are the same—managing complex operations and global supply chains, the number of products to produce, and constantly changing regulations.

ERP for Process Manufacturers holds the right mix
When it comes to software, the right mix makes all the difference. Infor’s innovative Process Manufacturing solution provides unique, industry specific functionality—from planning your production to purchasing materials, to developing formulas to managing quality, to shipping product and managing all the financial transactions.

Download the Process Manufacturing Research Kit
We understand the challenges of your industry. We put together analyst viewpoints and research briefs on the latest trends and top challenges in your business. Download the Kit and you’ll receive:

  • Processing Profitability, an informative report on how F&B manufacturers can improve margins by improving supply-chain visibility.
  • Ten Ways to Make Analytics Consumable for Chemical Manufacturers, a brief that provides tactics on how to make analytics more useful across workflows and business processes.
  • Analyst Connection: Enhancing Collaboration in PLM Process Manufacturing, a Q&A with IDC on PLM trends within Process manufacturing.
  • Improving ROA in Asset-intensive Process Manufacturing, an eBrief on the challenges of maintaining margins and improving return on assets (ROA).

Download the Kit to learn more.