"Nine Entry Points to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing"

From Constellation Research


Industry expert provides guidance on multi-modal approach and how to get started

Download the report to learn nine entry points for beginning a digital transformation journey and six organizational features present in all successful digital transformations. The paper also discusses key guiding principles, such as adapting technologies to modern business models and taking a multi-modal approach driving commercialization of new products and services. Several actionable steps are provided to help you get started on the journey. For example, author, Ray Wang, describes how to formulate teams, saying, “Diversity of thought across multiple disciplines [is important]. In fact, an artist, architect, author, and accountant have different points of view that together can unlock innovation in problem solving and design.”

More Constellation projections:

  • 78 percent of manufacturers will turn to post-sale business models as a focus for growth by 2020
  • 60 percent of mission-critical data will reside outside of existing systems and be accessed, not owned.
  • Over three million industrial robots will be in use by 2020

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Source: Constellation Research, Nine Points of Entry to Digital Disruption, May, 2017, R “Ray” Wang