Infor Supports Ferrari’s Need for Speed

How LN and ION gives auto leader the agility it needs

Hear it directly from Ferrari CIO

What if your enterprise technology allowed you to easily adopt customer changes at all stages of manufacture --- even for products already on the assembly line?

That’s the level of agility Ferrari has with Infor LN and Infor ION.

The enterprise technologies work together seamlessly so Ferrari is able to:

• Incorporate customer changes quickly at any stage of the product lifecycle, even at the latest possible moment when a vehicle is already on the assembly line.

• Integrate a variety of internal systems easily – without any duplication, disruption or workflow slowdowns.

• Manage a highly complex global supply chain, allowing communications to happen quickly so responses to issues and opportunities are immediate.

Hear the complete story directly from Ferrari CIO Vittorio Boero in this brief video.

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