To ERP or Not to ERP in the Mid-Market: Simplifying an Important Decision

Aberdeen Group research: ERP solutions help standardize processes, say 77% of users

Is your organization facing that pivotal decision of whether to adopt an ERP system or not? If you are one of the small to mid-sized companies that has not yet made the plunge into an ERP system, you need to read this report by Aberdeen Group. In it you’ll find the research statistics to help you understand the impact and potential Return on Investment (ROI).

According to the Aberdeen survey, mid-market companies using an ERP system perform better than those that don’t. A higher profitability growth (10% growth vs. 0% for non-ERP users) is just one example of the performance gains. ERP-users also reported a 21% decrease in time-to-decision, while non-ERP users reporting a 4% increase in the amount of time spent on making decisions. As business and market conditions become more complex, making informed decisions is more involved and time consuming. The automated processes and easy-to-use analytical tools of today’s flexible ERP systems speed this process.

Companies using an ERP system also report these gains in capabilities:

  • Standardize enterprise-wide procedures (77%)
  • Conduct demand planning and forecasting (43%)
  • Cross functional continuous improvement (53%)
  • Real-time visibility into all processes (48%)
  • Ability to share integrated data across the enterprise (44%)
Download this whitepaper today and see for yourself the facts to help you determine if now is the right time to take advantage of ERP advantages.
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