Along for the Ride: The ups and downs of customer customer-centric manufacturing

As market pressures climb, profitability plunges

Today’s Voice of the Consumer is louder, bolder and more demanding than ever. The digital age has created a consumer force that is exerting its influence on all segments of manufacturing, not just consumer goods. Even B2B manufacturers are finding they need to offer online portals, more value, greater service, faster shipping and more options for product configuration and specialization.

What is the impact on manufacturing? recently conducted a survey of its manufacturing subscribers and devised an infographic to tell the story.  Download the file to learn the detailed ups and downs of the roller coaster ride manufacturers are now experiencing.

Learn the new customer demands and manufacturing response, including:

  • 69% of customers expect greater availability of inventory
  • 64% of customers expect faster delivery
  • 46% of manufacturers report an increase in late deliveries or unsatisfied customers
  • 84% of manufacturers say they have already made substantial operational changes to meet customer demands
  • 43% report losing customers from the inability to meet increased demands
  • 90% of manufacturers say they will continue to make changes to meet customer expectations
  • 58% of manufacturers say increased pressures are straining profitability
  • 83% indicate they think the overall impact of higher customer demands will be positive.
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