Manufacturing for the Demanding Customer

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Can customization and profitability coexist in manufacturing today?

That is the question many manufacturers debate as they attempt to meet consumer expectations for highly configured and customized products, despite the strain it places on operations. Demand only continues to escalate for personalized items, whether it is clothing, décor, or building materials. As consumers—in all demographics—become more accustomed to e-commerce and the ease of ordering personalized items that meet their specifications, this is quickly becoming the expected norm.

Manufacturers are pushing traditional operational boundaries in order to produce on-demand, highly customized products–called mass customization. The obstacles can be large, especially considering that most manufacturing plants were designed for make-to-stock assembly, where profits came from producing large volumes of identical products. Watch a video to see how a modern ERP solution can help you satisfy changing customer expectations and requirements.

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Can mass customization be profitable and be worth the extra effort? Read more on the trends and strategies:

  • Manufacturing and the demanding customer, a white paper that outlines how manufacturers of all sizes are exploring new operational strategies for producing highly customized and configured products.
  • Along for the ride: the ups and downs of mass consummerization, an infographic that brings the story to life in visuals and statistics. Did you know that 58% of manufacturers say increased consumer demands are straining profitability?
  • Keep Track of the Moving Pieces: the top five ways to meet customer expectations in MTO and ETO manufacturing, a brief that stresses the importance of a solution that integrates with social business collaboration, financial, quality control, and demand planning tools.
  • Checklist—Ten things to know about Mass Customization, a checklist that outlines how you can accommodate your customers’ needs and differentiate your company from the competition.

To meet customer expectations in complex manufacturing environments, manufacturers need a modern ERP system that’s designed specifically for make-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturing. The key is to find the right combination of production adjustments to make sure the customizations are feasible on a mass scale, fulfill customer expectations and result in a profitable process.

The time to differentiate your business is now. Download your Mass Customization e-Kit and get started today.