Lean Manufacturing:

Taking a fresh look at lean business concepts 


It’s been at least 30 years since the concept of lean manufacturing migrated to western industries and revolutionized the way manufacturers view operations and shop floor processes. Now, as manufacturers are recovering from the Great Recession and once again investing in refining systems, it’s an optimal time to review lean concepts. Are they still relevant in today’s fast-changing global economy? How should you update and refine your lean processes? How do modern ERP solutions support a lean transformation?

These are just some of the questions we answer in our lean manufacturing resource kit. This package of three assets covers the analyst view, the lean philosophy, and the role ERP solutions play.  Fill out the registration form once and receive a resource kit of three papers on lean manufacturing revisited:

  • Aberdeen whitepaper—Lean Manufacturing: Success starts with visibility and alignment
    This research paper shares results from a survey of leading manufacturers concerning their adoption of lean strategies to control wastes and improve customer satisfaction. The paper provides a fresh look at lean initiatives, in the light of modern pressures, and summarizes the success tactics of high-performing companies.
  • Infor executive brief—Lean Manufacturing Revisited: Taking a fresh look at Lean manufacturing strategies
    This paper discusses lean manufacturing, from its roots with the Toyota Production System to its rise as the default business philosophy for manufacturing. The paper also examines how manufacturing has changed and how experts think lean strategies need a refresh to remain relevant to modern challenges -and to take advantage of next generation ERP capabilities.
  • Infor whitepaper—The Role ERP solutions play in Lean transformation
    Although lean purists sometimes clash with ERP enthusiasts, the two tools ideally can work hand in hand to support the same manufacturing goals: reduction of waste and improvement of customer relationships. Download this paper to learn how modern ERP solutions support lean initiatives and help you take your lean transformation to the next level.

It's time to take a fresh look at lean manufacturing. Download our resource kit and learn how modern ERP solutions can support a lean transformation.