Factory of the Future

Where Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) converge


Infor Perspectives: Be prepared for the new manufacturing paradigm

The Factory of the Future is the product of fast-changing disruptive technologies hitting manufacturing with great speed and force. Information Technology and Operational Technology are converging—creating a complete paradigm shift.

What are you doing to prepare? Many manufacturers are well on the way and already seeing results of advanced processes. Huffington Post recently reported that early adopters of modern manufacturing solutions have already documented measurable results:

  • 82% reported increased efficiency
  • 49% reported lower product defects
  • 45% reported customer satisfaction gains

The impact promises to grow and be even more substantial as manufacturers deploy technologies across the entire manufacturing landscape. Greater speed, value, innovation, and closer alignment with demanding customers will be the new normal.

Don’t be left behind. Download this new paper to learn more about:

  • Defining the Factory of the Future
  • The disruptive changes in IT driving the modernization of manufacturing
  • The Operational technologies supporting the Factory of the Future
  • Steps to take now to be well prepared for the future.

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