Idea to execution: defining innovation in manufacturing

Tips for turning ideas into successful programs

Innovation is a central component of the manufacturing industry. It can be a simple tactic for improving shop floor operations. It can be a concept for a new type of product or service. It can be a revolutionary approach that completely disrupts the way you do business.

But all innovative programs start much the same way: as a spark of an idea. Maybe a dream, or a question, like "What if…"

But then what? How does an idea evolve from inspiration to execution? Sometimes it’s a mystery, sometimes pure luck—and sometimes an idea comes to fruition via a carefully orchestrated process with many individuals participating, each person playing a vital role.

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Did you know CEOs worry about:

  • New entrants disrupting the business model - 75%
  • Keeping current with new technology - 73%
  • Competitor’s ability to take business away -70%
  • Product and service relevance 3 years from now - 65%

Source: KPMG Global CEO Outlook Survey report

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