The Rollercoaster Effect

the impact of customer demands on high tech manufacturing


The Customer Demands Thrill Ride to High Tech Manufacturing Success

Today, customers take high tech manufacturers on a rollercoaster ride with their desired features, colors and capabilities changing at every twist and turn. Almost as soon as customers determine the “must have” mobile phone, tablet or TV, they get distracted and want something different—making the “it” product now obsolete. This puts high tech and electronics manufacturers in a precarious situation: how do you manage your manufacturing operations to keep up with ever-changing customer preferences?

One way is with mass customization. Fueled by customer demand and enabled by modern technology, customization is fulfilling two needs: It appeals to modern consumers, and it helps manufacturers find a much-needed competitive edge. These two benefits push manufacturers outside their traditional operational boundaries to achieve on-demand production of highly customized products.

Take a look at this webinar and infographic that will help push your thinking and help you better prepare for the customer demand rollercoaster and its impact on your manufacturing operations. On-Demand Webinar
In this webinar hosted by, industry leaders discuss ways to monitor and track customer attitudes, trends, and levels of satisfaction through various touch-points. It also shares information on customization approaches that mesh with customer wants and desires without negatively impacting production flow or profitability.

Infographic: Along for the Ride: Manufacturers Feel the Roller Coaster Effects of Changing Customer Demands
A recent survey conducted by Manufacturing.Net examined the issues around customer demands and the impact mass customization is having on manufacturing profitability. This infographic shares the survey results that tell a tale of dramatic ups and downs.

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