3 Ways to Meet Customer Demands


The Power of PLM, Supply Chain Optimization & Mass Customization

High tech and electronics manufacturing is a competitive industry where manufacturers face intense customer pressure to produce highly complex products quickly and profitably. This operating environment makes 3 things imperative to high tech and electronics manufacturing success: mass customization, product lifecycle management, and supply chain optimization.

From industrial uses that demand cutting-edge components with built in sensors to consumers who considers their latest gadget a status symbol and fashion accessory, high tech and electronics manufacturing has to keep up with trailblazing innovation for both businesses maintaining their competitive advantage and the fickle whims of a trend-chasing public.

Industry Perspective Paper: Manufacturing and the Demanding Customer
In order for the mass customization to be sustainable, manufacturers must find ways to combine standard lean principles with Made-to-Order (MTO) tactics. In this brief we explore the issues, particularly the role technology plays in making mass customization more efficient and profitable.

Infor Mediacast, Featuring Gartner
In this program, Gartner Managing Vice President, Mike Burkett, and Infor Industry Strategy Director, Ed Talerico, discuss the evolution of product lifecycle management and what high tech and electronics manufacturers can do to ensure their supply chain operations are optimized to better meet both their industrial- and consumer-based customer demands.

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