Executive Brief:

Disruptive Technology in A&D: Valuable innovation or distracting drains on revenue?

A&D manufacturers today face some hard decisions about investing into technology.  Are disruptive technologies, like 3D printing, robotics, wearable technology and artificial intelligence, smart investments or costly distractions from the core basics, such as controlling costs?

While innovation is essential, some critics suggest that investment in technology are a dangerous diversions of funds, eating up IT dollars and sending engineers down circuitous routes further from the end goal? Would the industry be better advised to return to basics and focus on fundamental lean manufacturing principles as they reinvent business core models?

There are no easy answers. On the one hand, breakthrough technology is the heart of the industry. Advanced R&D programs yield the big payoffs—the new designs for stealth fighter jets or commercial aircraft with more capacity and less weight. Innovation keeps existing customers in the buying-mode. On the other hand, can today’s volatile economic conditions support major capital investments in technology, including investments in the IT infrastructure?

In this whitepaper we examine the issues and offer actionable advice on how you can manage your innovation strategies to maximize results.

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