Digital strategy is essential to remaining relevant

ARC discusses industry evolution and why Infor 5-pillar strategy is spot-on

Chemicals companies today must look beyond traditional industrial conventions and adopt digital strategies if they want to remain relevant and keep pace with the industry’s evolution. Modernizing IT systems is a critical component of the digital agenda, according to analyst firm, ARC and the recently published ARC View, "Digital Transformation of the Chemical Industry."

Just look around. Evidence of the digital transformation can be seen in competitors, partners, suppliers, and customers who are already employing digitalized business processes of their own. Even if you haven’t started a strategy yet, you can still catch up. By exploiting the convergence between operational and information technologies, you can connect your enterprise, internally and externally, to the full supply chain.

New business models, new processes, and a new mindset will be needed. This paper from ARC will help you get started on your journey. It discusses the current state of the industry, the benefits of digitization, and analyzes the work being done by Infor to help chemicals companies take advantage of new capabilities.

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