Customer Demands in
High Tech Manufacturing


Harness the Power of Customization to Maintain Your Competitive Edge

The ability to quickly respond to customization requests is a necessity in manufacturing today. Fueled by customer demand and enabled by modern technology, customization is fulfilling two needs: It appeals to modern consumers, and it helps manufacturers find a much-needed competitive edge. These two benefits are the main drivers that are causing high tech and electronics manufacturers, small and large, to explore new operational strategies for producing highly customized and configured products.

Check out our industry perspectives paper and infographics to learn how focusing on customization can help high tech and electronics manufacturers meet customer demands and increase their competitive edge.

Industry Perspective Paper: Manufacturing and the Demanding Customer
In order for the mass customization to be sustainable, high tech and electronics manufacturers must find ways to combine standard lean principles with Made-to-Order (MTO) tactics. In this brief, we explore the role technology plays in making mass customization more efficient and profitable.

Infographic: Along for the Ride: Manufacturers Feel the Roller Coaster Effects of Changing Customer Demands
A recent survey conducted by Manufacturing.Net examined the issues around customer demands and the impact mass customization is having on manufacturing profitability. This infographic shares the survey results that tell a tale of dramatic ups and downs.

Infographic: Improving Customer Centricity by Delivering Optimal Services
Manufacturers now realize that product- or innovation-based differentiation is no longer the primary source of competitive advantage. Instead, manufacturers need to build their competitive advantage around the “customer centricity triad” of product, delivery, and price. This infographic provides an in-depth look at what customer centricity means for manufacturing operations and shares considerations for a successful deployment of this model.

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