Borderless Manufacturing

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Competition is increasing in all segments of manufacturing. In all parts of the world. Is your ERP ready?

Manufacturers working to grow their businesses are increasingly turning to globalization, as potential customers now come from every corner of the globe. The result is an enticing opportunity that also comes with some serious challenges.

  • How do you differentiate from a rapidly growing number of competitors?
  • What are the most effective ways to protect and grow your margins?
  • How can you achieve full visibility of a highly complex, global supply chain?

What if you could turn these challenges into opportunities to manage global operations with greater ease, confidence, and profitability? And what if your ERP solution helped get you there? Watch a video to learn how modern ERP solutions can give you the competitive edge you need.

Download the Globalization e-Kit.

You'll get the following information about trends and strategies that can help put you on the road to success:

  • Borderless Manufacturing: achieving growth through globalization, an eBook that focuses on factors shaping the current manufacturing environment and how technology is helping companies beat the competition.
  • Global Manufacturing: the challenges and opportunities defined, an infographic that brings the story to life through visuals and statistics. For example, did you know that 48% of manufacturers with sales in excess of $10 billion are considering shifting their production facilities from China to America?
  • Why cloud deployment supports multi-dimensional growth, an executive brief that helps you cut through the hype about cloud deployment and determine if it’s right for your organization.

Modern, advanced ERP solutions are designed with globalization in mind. Today’s highly flexible solutions offer the deep functionality manufacturers need, along with the analytics, reporting and end-to-end visibility required to manage a global enterprise. And multi-site capabilities allow companies to support localization, while still maintaining an integrated global network.

The time to start leaving the competition behind is now. Download your Globalization e-Kit and get started today.