Top 5 reasons to upgrade to Infor LN CLOUD

Infor® LN is a comprehensive ERP solution for consolidating all aspects of your complex, global manufacturing operations—from design to delivery.

Cloud Ready
Infor LN is now available in the cloud, so you can deploy more quickly and at far less cost, and have the flexibility to easily and inexpensively expand your operations globally. You’ll also gain greater security and reliability, and be assured your solution and your compliance requirements are always up to date.

With the latest version of Infor LN, you get out-of-the-box, industry-specific functionality—such as dynamic enterprise modeling, assembly line control, and serial genealogy—which means you don’t need customizations or modifications to meet your unique needs. These new capabilities, combined with new global deployment options, give ETO, MTO, and complex product manufacturers like you the power to operate more efficiently. 

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