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IDC presents research on value of customer centricity in manufacturing

Consumers today have high expectations for speed, value and product customizations. In order to meet customer demands and compete with increasing global competition, manufacturers are turning to IT solutions to help forge new customer centric strategies. This interactive report, produced by the global analyst firm, IDC Manufacturing Insights, examines four critical aspects of this topic: Making the journey toward customer centricity; Understanding the service silver bullet; Building better organizational structure; Empowering the workforce with advanced tech solutions.

Just a sample of the research data in the report:

  • 77% of manufacturers predict that five years from now Engineer-to-order or Assemble-to-order will be their primary business model.
  • 60% of manufacturers predict that proximity sourcing to be closer to the consumer will be part of their strategy in the next five years
  • 76.1% of manufacturers predict that mobile devices will improve their ability to respond to customer needs, and 64.4% say machine-to-machine connectivity will be a major influence on customer service.

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