From Gartner: Supply Chain Survey Analysis

“CSCOs Must Ensure Digital Business Leaders in Manufacturing Don't Underestimate the Supply Chain Impact”

In a recently published survey analysis, Gartner analysts, Michael Burkett and Noha Tohamy, found that "over 80% of companies surveyed will transition to digital business in the next two to five years, yet the strategy and leadership are unclear. " The authors also summarized their findings, saying, "The CSCO and supply chain strategists need to get involved early to influence these digital business decisions that have long-term supply chain implications."1

Download the full analysis from Gartner now to learn more about the key findings from 356 surveys in a multi-industry research study concerning adoption of a digital strategy.

"The pace at which the digital business transformation will unfold is dizzying. Only 20% of respondents described themselves as a digital business today, but 86% expect to complete the digital business transformation within the next two to five years," says the report.

Another key finding of the report, states:

"Digital business leaders believe its opportunity outweighs any emerging risks, including increased supply chain exposure to cybersecurity challenges."

Download the full report now and learn more about the analysts’ actionable advice, including this recommendation:

"Engage your business leadership now and become actively involved in digital business plans. Don't sit on the sidelines waiting for the strategy to be developed by others that underestimate the supply chain implications."1

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1 Gartner Survey Analysis: CSCOs Must Ensure Digital Business Leaders in Manufacturing Don't Underestimate the Supply Chain, Michael Burkett and Noha Tohamy, November 26, 2014
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