7 things to ask when upgrading your ERP solution

If you already have an ERP system in place, and you're running on an older version of it, there's a good chance it's no longer able to keep up with your organization's growing needs. The capabilities gap between older versions of ERP designs and current demands already poses a problem that many companies simply can't ignore.

Discover through our White Paper 7 important factors to consider when considering an upgrade to your ERP system:

  • Does the most recent version of your ERP system still "speak" the language of your industry?
  • Will you get the benefits and user functionality you need right out of the box?
  • Is your vendor committed to product development?
  • Will your vendor and/or upgrade partner get you up
  • Do you need to consider "going mobile" or adding business intelligence?
  • Do you need to consider an upgrade to the cloud?
  • Will you continue to get the openness and scalability you need to grow your business?

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